Imdaad | International Award Winning Short Film

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Megha is in desperate situation and looking for some help. Would she be comfortable in asking for help from a boy?

Even in twenty first century, menstrual period remains a taboo in Indian society. Many school going girls fail to realise that periods are a natural part of their growth and something not to be ashamed of. The boys equally need education about their female co-students’ physiological development and be more receptive about it.
In an attempt to raise awareness in school going children about the menstrual period, ‘Imdaad’ ,which translates into ‘Helper’, has been made.

“This story has been inspired & adapted by the life experiences of Ms Shefali Naidu.”

Director: Mohammad Ali Husainy
Producer: Farhina Husainy
Screenplay & Production Manager: Fatema Nafisa Lokhandwala
Cinematographer & Editor: Pranav Mandole
Production Assistant- Arwa Vanak
Actors: Tisha Si, Tushar Mishra, Moonmoon Si, Shakuntala Singh
Music: Jugal Shrivastava

8:31 – 38164947 – 38164947 – 0 – 0

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