Horror Short Film “Carnivore”

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After being exonerated for the cannibalistic murder of his mother, Levi returns to his small hometown to face a community still unconvinced of his innocence.

“Carnivore” by Ashton Herrild

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More About “Carnivore”:
When LEVI is finally exonerated and released from prison for the wrongful conviction of murdering and cannibalizing his mother, his older half-brother, WADE, drags him to their local small-town burger joint. While Wade, clearly unconvinced of his brother’s innocence, scarfs down a burger, now vegetarian Levi notices something off about the rest of the restaurant’s patrons, who force Levi to take a bite of one of the burgers. Wade admits it’s likely because the rest of the townsfolk share his doubt. Levi is rescued by his best friend from high school and current burger flipper, BO. RUBY, the attractive waitress and Levi’s former potential flame seems to exhibit a rekindling romantic interest before becoming psychotically overbearing in her curiosity about how she believes Levi killed his mother. Bo finally explains that the oddities that Levi has been noticing are a result of him putting human brains in the burgers that he serves the customers; when humans consume other human brains it induces the insanity that he’s brought upon their entire town. Levi, realizing that Bo killed his mother and poisoned the entire town, crushes Bo’s skull. No one in the diner bats an eye.

“Carnivore” Credits:
Levi – Jacob Vaus
Wade – Rene D’Nava
Ruby – Isabella Tagliati
Bo – Patrick Hogue

Written & Directed By – Ashton Herrild
Producer – Dylan Liberman
DP – Alex Forcillo
Production Designer – Willa Rydall
Editor – Ari Mitsos
Sound Designer – Griffin Fisher
Composer – Hunter J Pierce
Colorist – Henry Chastain
UPM – Lynnzee Highland
1s Ad – Eli Wiess

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