Tragic Mulatto

Third album by this artpunk band from San Francisco.

I do not own the rights to this recording. If you own the rights and want this video removed, contact me and it will be deleted.


A1 I Don’t Mind 0:00
A2 Stinking Corpse Lily 2:54
A3 Debbie 5:55
A4 My Mother 10:05
A5 Rhythm Of Barcelona 12:08
B1 Bathroom At Amelia’s 14:49
B2 Scabs On Lori’s Arm 18:45
B3 Farm 23:07
B4 Man With A Tan 25:05
B5 Rise Up/Get Down 28:12

31:2 – 2131 – 2131 – 0 – 6

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