Sci-Fi Short Film: “A Week With Rebecca”

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A robotics company executive pushes for the development of an android companionship model and unexpectedly spends a week with her.

“A Week With Rebecca” by Marcus Shenn

Connect with the Filmmaker and “A Week With Rebecca”:

“A Week With Rebecca” Credits:
Directed by – Marcus Shenn

Written by – Matthew Marder and
Marcus Shenn

Produced by – Matthew Marder

Director of Photography – Kai K. Krause

Production Designer – Tyler Peters

Editors – Jeff Seibenick
Steve Watkins

Costume Design – Tabatha Ray

Visual Effects Supervisor – Marcus Alexander

Unit Production Manager – Matt Marder

1st Assistant Director – Adam Chase Cohen

Script Supervisor – Chloe Williams

Ryan Lansing – Phil Kruse
Rebecca – Nika Burnett
Doctor Benton – B.Z Cullins
Ryan’s sister – Michelle Agresti
Katie – Anthia Gillick

Board Chairman – Brock Morse
Board Member 1 – Judy Clement
Board Member 2 – Nadja Hoyer Booth
Board Member 3 – John Atkins
Other Board Members – Rodney Garza
Dan Holm
Glend McDougal
Claire Montgomery
Larry Parish
Jacinta Roberts
Craig Russell
Jonée Shady

Lab Assistants – Tatjana Bluchel
Matt Krakaur

Shane Bannon – Art Director
Michi Oyama – Set Dresser
Prop Designer – David Chamberlain

Rob Snyder – 1st Assistant Camera
Mateo Arturo – 2nd Assistant Camera
Gaffer – Thomas Smith
Key Grip – Samuel Diaz
Grips – Lenny McLeod
Yoann Cifuentes
Mike Long

Mixer – Blake Christian
Boom Operators – Christopher Cole
Graham Farrell
Scott Marshall

Makeup & Hair – Tatjana Bluchel

Production Assistants – Sydney Kasahara
Aja Morris-Smiley

Truck Assistant – Jason Urbanski

Post Production

Motion Graphics and Visual Effects – Alan Chamberlain
Color Grading – Kai K. Krause

Sound Engineering and Design – Filippo Fabbri
Final Sound Mixing – Xavier Dreyfuss

Poster Design – Adèle Burgés
Casting courtesy of – Breakdown Express


Music Composition – Filippo Fabbri

Music Licensing – Julian Drucker

Special Thanks to

Mr and Mrs. Shen
Célia Clement
Jessica Solse
Anne Carmack
Popsicle LA
Chris Esclapez

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