Musique concrète


Musique concrète – Can you guess what sounds were used?

Answer: Construction noises.

The sound editor software Audacity was used to make this musique concrète. A free version of it can be downloaded at You don’t have to only use this software for musique concrète; it can be used for editing any kind of music. Let your imagination go wild

This is how I achieved the sound to my musique concrète: I recorded construction noises from a rather far distance using my laptop microphone. This probably accounts for the rusty sounds and why some of the sounds don’t sound like construction noises at all. I took two recordings, and then I looked in closely to them to see what bits I liked. I then looped those bits, and all in all I combined four different layers of sounds. If you listen carefully, you can tell that my song is symmetrical; at the halfway point, my song is the same. The way that I liked to do it was to build up the sounds, then build them down. I made this song for a visual arts class I took, and I thought it was a fun project to do so I decided to share it with others. I’m just a beginner at this stuff, so I bet if you try it out, you can come up with something much better =)

2:36 – 69383 – 69383 – 15 – 54


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